About Replenish Refill, Zero-Waste Concept Store

Replenish Refill founders Sara Storoy and Leif Storoy

Replenish Refill is a zero-waste concept store located in Hervey Bay, Queensland. They opened their doors in February 2019 and have been overwhelmed with support from the local community. Rather than mindless consumerism, Replenish Refill provides a calm space that encourages awareness of mindful purchasing.

Coming from 12 years in small business, and with a passion to reduce waste, mum of three Sara Storoy embarked on the journey to provide her community with a hub of not just products, but information. Somewhere people could go to refill household products and learn about sustainable living while minimising their impact of the environment. With an emphasis on plastic free packaging, local and Australian made products, Replenish Refill is also dedicated to supporting other small businesses who excel in environmental practices.

Since opening, the range has expanded to cover over a hundred zero waste brands from all over the globe. Showcasing the best of what's on offer, all in one convenient location, both online and in store.

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