Wandering Folk

Hand drawn & designed in Byron Bay, Wandering Folk creates premium and beautiful picnic and camping essentials. Their goal is simple: create quality products that last a lifetime and also be aesthetically pleasing. The range includes picnic rugs, throw rugs and cushions coated with UPF30+ or UPF 50+ to keep designs vibrant while adhering to R.E.A.C.H Compliance, meaning their products are free from harmful chemicals. The brand stared when founder Sharnee Thorpe went on a rainy camping trip and found herself sitting on a swag to keep off the wet ground. From breath-taking blues, to magical mustards and gorgeous greens - Wandering Folk will help you create a long-lasting picnic set up you will love for years to come. You can shop our selection of Wandering Folk products online and in store at our Hervey Bay store.

How do you roll a Wandering Folk picnic rug?

Are you having trouble rolling your Wandering Folk picnic rug?

Don't stress - it's easier than it looks. There are 4 simple steps:

  1. Flip your picnic rug pattern side down. The brown waterproof side should be facing up and the rug should be in the portrait orientation.
  2. Create long, flat rolls by folding the rug along the horizontal stitch lines until you reach the end.
  3. You should have a long thin rectangle with tassels at each corner now. Take a short side with two tassels close together and roll tightly towards the opposite end.
  4. Loop your strap around the picnic rug and you're ready to wander!