Redecker: Sustainable and natural brushware and tools

Redecker brushes and tools are traditionally made, sustainable and constructed from FSC certified wood, plant fibres, recyclable metals and other natural biodegradable materials.

Redecker is a German family business that has been making brushes for over three generations. They specialize in handcrafted, traditional brushes and cleaning tools made by highly skilled craftsmen and women who use only natural and sustainable raw materials such as FSC-certified wood, plant fibres and recyclable metals. The Redecker name has long stood for a skillful combination of naturalness, function and design. Each product they release stays true to their philosophy, is inspected and thoroughly tested by every family member and also by employees before being released. Redecker believes the “throwaway society” is anything but logical, and that quality and sustainability are essential to a bright future. Whether you're looking for a classic pot brush, ostrich feather duster, vegetable brushes or other beautiful, long-lasting and durable homewares - look no further than our Redecker range online and in store.

Why choose Redecker brushes?

Whether you're looking for a high quality brush to clean your home or a luxurious body brush to add to your self-care routine, Redecker has perfectly crafted pieces you won't want to put down! For over 85 years they've committed to creating natural brushes made of sustainably sourced materials like wood, bristles, and plant fibers that are designed to last. Redecker has mastered the art of marrying functionality, durability and beauty.

With Redecker, you can trust that the products you buy are of unparalleled quality and have been made with love by talented artisans using traditional techniques. Each item is crafted to perfection with attention to detail; a true testament to their commitment in preserving ancient craftsmanship through modern times.

Redecker understands that sustainability isn't just a fad, it's an important commitment. By utilizing renewable resources and reducing waste whenever possible during production, they are making sure our planet is taken care of for years to come! Plus - not only do their products help protect the environment but also last longer due to their incredible quality and durability. Redecker also focuses on minimizing packaging waste. Many of their products come in minimal or recyclable packaging.

With their focus on craftsmanship, sustainability, and natural materials, Redecker products are a must-have for anyone looking for high quality, zero waste household and personal care products. It's a win-win situation for you and the planet.

Redecker uses FSC-certified wood

We're often asked if Redecker uses FSC-certified wood in their products and we can confirm - yes. Redecker does use FSC-certified wood for their products that are crafted from wood. But what does the certification mean? The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that promotes responsible forest management and sets standards for forest products. By using FSC-certified wood, Redecker ensures that the wood they use comes from responsibly managed forests that meet strict environmental, social, and economic criteria. This is an important consideration for customers who are looking for eco-friendly products and want to ensure that the products they purchase are sustainably sourced.