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No Planet B

Date Posted: 19 June 2019 

Like the Dandelion we have chosen for our logo, the seeds of change are spreading.


Can you feel the change in the atmosphere?

Now more than ever, people are realising that what we are doing to the Earth is having a huge environmental impact. Every day we hear stories of birds and animals dying from consuming plastic found in their habitats, climate change scientists pleading with us to act now before the effects are irreversible and problems with dealing with the enormous amounts of rubbish we as a nation send to landfill.

But there are also stories of hope. Young people being actively involved in beach clean up days, people turning back to buy once items instead of disposables and amazing inventions like the Seabin Project that are making a difference. The population is waking up to the fact that we cannot continue to use up Earth’s resources at the current rate. That we do need to be more mindful of what we purchase and where it will ultimately end up at the end of its life. But it will take the efforts of billions of people worldwide. Every time you use your reusable bag, every time you pick up a piece of rubbish that you didn’t drop and every time you choose sustainable you are making a difference, and this will send ripples through the population.

That change you feel? That’s people waking up to the fact that we need to respect our beautiful planet.

After all, there is no Planet B.

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