Bamboo Toothbrush Disposal

Date Posted: 19 June 2019 

Bamboo Toothbrush Disposal main image Bamboo Toothbrush Disposal image


We love using our bamboo toothbrushes instead of the plastic handled ones. Imagine how many toothbrushes are disposed of globally every day?

Follow these easy steps to ensure that you dispose of them correctly. Or maybe you want to repurpose them into garden planters!

Firstly, remove the bristles

The bristles are made of plastic and are not suitable for composting. There are 2 ways you can remove them.

1. Using pliers or tweezers, pull out the bristles and dispose in landfill. Unfortunately they are not able to be recylced. Soaking the toothbrush in water for 30mins will soften the bamboo making removal easier.

2. Alternatively, snap the head off and dispose of it in landfill. The handle can then be returned to the earth.