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Using a Safety Razor

Date Posted: 23 September 2019 

We often get asked about safety razors and how to use them. In may be a bit daunting at first, but if you follow a few steps it will give you the confidence you need to use one.


The number one tip is go slow and be patient. It may take practice to get used to it.

1. Hydrate your skin this can be with warm water or you may prefer to use a little cosmetic oil (not coconut as it may clog your drain)
-Men may prefer to apply a hot moist towel to the face to soften the skin and open the pores before applying cream or oil.

2. Lather up! Using a shaving cream or soap build up a good lather and rub it onto your skin.
-Men may like to use a shaving brush to lift the hairs, exfoliate and produce a thicker lather.

3. Holding the razor at a 30° angle and glide over skin using short strokes. You do not need to add too much pressure as the weight of the razor will usually be sufficient. You may need to go over the area more than once.
-Men pull the skin tight and shave with the grain. If the blade tugs it pulls at the hair, the blade is dull and should be replaced.

4. Rinse the razor frequently to avoid clogging.

5. Clean and dry your razor thoroughly after shaving and store away from moisture sources.

We hope this helps you if you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and buying a safety razor or if you have one but are wondering how to improve your shaving experience.

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